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Kauai Food & Drinks

The Hanalei Gourmet

When staying on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai, you may be looking for the perfect places to enjoy a delightful meal. Look no further than The Hanalei Gourmet! Tucked away in the quiet town on Hanalei, here you’ll find great food, great service, and a bit of Hawaiian history! The Hanalei Gourmet Experience The Hanalei Gourmet is a favorite restaurant for both locals and tourists alike! They’ve been serving...
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The Beach House

When you visit Kauai, you will notice that the island focuses on friendly hospitality and delicious Hawaiian food. You can find all of that when you stop by The Beach House during your stay. This local restaurant and event venue features Pacific Rim cuisine with incredible views of Kauai. Local ingredients are used whenever possible, so it really offers a true taste of Hawaii. Lunch and Dinner Menu The Beach...
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Kenji Burger

There is never a time when a burger does not sound delicious. If you are looking for a tasty burger along with a variety of Japanese inspired cuisine, look no further than Kenji Burger. This Kauai favorite is the perfect blend of American and Japanese cuisine along with a little Hawaiian touch. Each burger is made to order and uses only the freshest of ingredients. Take a look at what...
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Nourish Hanalei

There are so many wonderful places on the island of Kauai to explore! One of the must-visit places on the island is the town of Hanalei. This sleepy Hawaiian town offers lots of island excitement! One of the best places to visit for an amazing lunch with the best views is Nourish Hanalei, which is located at the end of Hanalei Plantation Road, the last intersection in Princeville, next to fire...
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Postcards Cafe

The island of Kauai offers classic Hawaiian fun, and the sleepy town of Hanalei exemplifies the aloha atmosphere for which the islands are famous. Postcards Cafe, located in the heart of old Hanalei, offers the quaint island atmosphere combined with some of the best seafood you’ll find anywhere on Kauai. Keep reading to find out what makes Postcards Cafe special and why it should be a must-visit on your next...
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Russell’s by Eat Healthy Kauai

Those who visit Hawaii are often enticed by lots of sun, time in the water, and an overall healthier lifestyle than people experience on the mainland. When you find yourself on vacation to Kauai, take advantage of the fresh and healthy outlook by enjoying some delicious food. One of the best places for healthy yet satisfying food you’ll find on Kauai can be found at Russell’s by Eat Healthy Kauai....
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