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Imua Coffee Roasters

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Fuel your island adventures by beginning your day at Imua Coffee Roasters, located on Kauai’s sunny east coast. This charming coffee haven offers an array of compelling reasons to pay it a visit during your stay.

About Imua Coffee Roasters

Imua Coffee Roasters boasts an exceptional menu that features gourmet coffee beans sourced from around the world. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or just in need of your morning caffeine fix, this café has you covered. Relish the delight of sipping a meticulously crafted hot or cold brew or opt for the full coffee experience with their expertly brewed pour-overs. If coffee isn’t your forte, their menu extends to a delightful selection of hot and cold teas, catering to a diverse range of tastes.

For those who don’t particularly fancy coffee or tea, Imua Coffee Roasters has a delicious alternative – their hibiscus lemonade, a refreshingly tropical concoction that perfectly complements the island’s vibrant spirit.

Imua Coffee Roasters is the perfect early morning stop for a light breakfast on your way to the beach or your next island adventure. They offer a selection of delectable light breakfast and bakery items to fuel your day. Try the popular vegan, gluten-free banana bread, perfect for health-conscious travelers, or the yogurt-filled papaya boat topped with local honey that offers a taste of the island’s fresh and tropical flavors.

Imua Coffee Roasters’ appeal goes beyond its culinary delights. The café itself is a cozy retreat, a place to recharge, and a hub of community interaction. It’s warm and welcoming atmosphere makes it an excellent spot to plan your day’s adventures, ease into the day with a good book, or simply soak in the laid-back Kauai vibe. Continue to enjoy the beauty of Kauai’s outdoors from their patio seating area. Imua Coffee Roasters is an essential stop on your Kauai vacation journey, offering a flavorful array of refreshments to kick-start your day in paradise!

Planning Your Visit to Imua Coffee Roasters

Imua Coffee Roasters is located in Kauai’s east coast town of Kapa’a at 440 Aleka Pl #7. They are open from Monday to Saturday from 6am to 12pm, and Sunday from 7am-11am.

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