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Restaurants in Kauai

The restaurants in Kauai are a delightful blend of upscale eateries and humble locally owned diners. While you’ll find oceanfront options perfect for celebrating a special evening out, you’ll also discover that some of the best meals are served at small locations found off the beaten path. In fact, some of your most memorable meals just may be those that are picked up in takeout containers from a local eatery and taken down to the beach to be enjoyed as you watch a spectacular sunset over the ocean.


While it may come as no surprise that an island destination such as Kauai holds its own when it comes to fresh seafood, you’ll also find a variety of other worldwide cuisine options on the island. Thanks to a wide range of Asian influences, a unique blend of Asian-inspired and Native Hawaiian dishes makes up the local comfort food scene. Whether you’re enjoying a fresh poke bowl, a steaming plate of laulau, or a refreshing scoop of shave ice, the Kauai dining scene will not disappoint. When hunger strikes, be sure to check out a few of these favorite Kauai restaurants!

Ama Restaurant

Once in a while a restaurant’s cuisine and location both come together to offer the ultimate dining experience, and this is the case with Ama Restaurant. Ama Restaurant’s outdoor dining experience sets the stage with a large, covered seating area overlooking a stunning view. A high vaulted ceiling provides cover from the elements, while groves of palms and tropical foliage extend to the dramatic mountain ridges beyond, creating scenic views...
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Hukilau Lanai

On Kauai, where the weather is tropical year-round and the waters are teeming with fresh seafood, it’s no wonder you will find so many restaurants offering dishes made with farm-fresh ingredients. Hukilau Lanai is one such restaurant who prides themselves on partnering with local farmers and fishermen to not only support local, but also to result in fresh, vibrant dishes for its patrons. Be sure to book ahead for a...
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JO2 Restaurant

Though Kauai is a relatively small island, foodies visiting the Garden Isle are in for a treat. Kauai is home to restaurants that thrive on offering island-fresh ingredients and cuisine that reflects the fusion of many cultures that are present in Hawaii. Situated on the island’s east coast, JO2 Restaurant is a quaint restaurant that offers unique dishes and fresh flavors, perfect for those in search of a memorable meal....
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Pono Market

Kauai has its share of excellent eateries, from casual local fare to upscale oceanfront restaurants. While you’ll want to be sure to set aside some days for special meals dining out, you’ll also find that some of Kauai’s hidden local gems also offer some of the best food for picking up and bringing to your chosen location to enjoy. Whether planning for an oceanside picnic or takeout to enjoy in...
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Porky’s Kauai

While Kauai certainly has its share of upscale dining establishments, sometimes the best meals are found at small, unassuming, locally owned eateries. Enjoyed by residents and visitors alike for its local style comfort food, Porky’s Kauai is one such place. Porky’s began as a food truck but its popularity quickly found it opening a permanent establishment. Perfect for dining in with sand still on your toes after an island adventure...
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