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Kilauea Bakery

Hawaii is a dream vacation destination for many, and the island of Kauai is truly something special. When you are visiting here, consider heading to the North Shore town of Kilauea for some delicious bites at Kilauea Bakery and Pizza. As the name would suggest, here you’ll find delightful baked goods and delicious pizza alongside a cozy atmosphere and friendly service. Keep reading to find out why you should visit Kilauea Bakery and Pizza on your next vacation on Kauai!

Kilauea Bakery – Breakfast and Barista

Kilauea Bakery and Pizza is open from 6am to 8pm, and they serve up amazing food all day long! If you are looking to start your day off right, begin it with a baked good and a coffee from Kilauea Bakery. Their morning menu features classic options such as bagels and muffins, but they also have unique takes on the breakfast pastry, like their most popular dish the breakfast stromboli. This dish features scrambled eggs cooked in a ciabatta, with sausage or bacon and cheddar cheese, potatoes, tomatoes, and green peppers. In addition to great bites, their barista station offers up drinks such as coffees, teas, and smoothies.

Pizza and More!

The great food doesn’t end when breakfast is over. Starting at 10:30am, Kilauea Bakery and Pizza begins serving their lunch and dinner menu. It may be surprising to find delicious Italian-inspired cuisine in a tropical paradise, but you’ll be delighted at their seemingly endless variety of pizzas, calzones, paninis, and hearty soups. They also offer a lunch special, a slice and a salad, which is a great choice when you want a good meal but don’t have a ton of time to dine. They offer quite a few specialty pizzas, such as their Classic Scampi or Big Meat Combo, or you can choose from a variety of sauces and toppings to build your own creation. End your meal with one of their many delicious desserts, including cookies, cakes, and pastries. They also offer gluten free options for their breads, bagels, pizza dough, muffins, scones, and cookies, so even those with sensitive stomachs can get in on the action here! For those who are truly devoted to baked goods, Kilauea Bakery offers pre-order options on some of their most popular items. You can call a day or two in advance and be sure that one is waiting for you.

Whether you come for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’ll love dining at Kilauea Bakery and Pizza! Contact us!