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Hukilau Lanai

When vacationing on the picturesque island of Kauai, setting aside at least one evening for a special meal out is a must. Situated along the island’s scenic Coconut Coast, Hukilau Lanai is an upscale restaurant that offers an experience perfect for a special night out. Due to its popularity, making reservations at Hukilau Lanai is a necessity, as this gem is often fully booked weeks in advance. It is a testament to the restaurant’s reputation for excellence.

About Hukilau Lanai

One of the standout features of Hukilau Lanai is its live music performances that take place from Wednesday to Saturday, running from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. This adds an extra layer of charm and ambiance to your dining experience, making your evening all the more special.

The restaurant boasts an expansive covered outdoor seating area, perfect for savoring the island’s gentle breezes and the breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty.

Hukilau Lanai takes its commitment to sustainability seriously. The menu is a showcase of locally sourced products and produce, with a focus on supporting the island’s farmers and fishermen. All seafood featured in their dishes is sourced in ways that minimize their environmental impact, ensuring you can savor your meal while supporting responsible fishing practices.

The extensive dinner menu offers a wide array of choices, from pupus (appetizers) that tantalize your taste buds to salads bursting with freshness, and creative dishes inspired by both the land and the sea. The succulent prime rib and fresh mahi mahi are a couple of Hukilau Lanai’s standout menu options. The culinary team at Hukilau Lanai knows how to infuse the flavors of Kauai into every bite.

Save room for dessert, as their sweet creations are all prepared fresh in their own bakery. The coconut cheesecake is a heavenly delight that will leave you with a lasting impression.

With an upscale tropical atmosphere, live music, an eco-conscious approach, and a menu that showcases the best of the island, dining at Hukilau Lanai is a culinary journey you won’t want to miss during your Kauai vacation.

Planning Your Visit to Hukilau Lanai

Hukilau Lanai is in Kauai’s east coast town of Kapa’a on the grounds of the Kauai Coast Resort at the Beachboy, located at 520 Aleka Loop. They are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 5pm-9pm.

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