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Porky’s Kauai

Porky’s Kauai is a casual eatery that has masterfully taken the local favorite dish of kalua pork and infused its irresistible flavors into every item on the menu, creating a culinary experience that perfectly complements the island’s laid-back atmosphere.

Refuel After Exploring Kauai

The simplicity and straightforwardness of Porky’s menu make it an ideal choice for those seeking a hearty and delicious meal after a day of exploration. Whether you’ve been hiking through the majestic mountains of Koke’e or basking in the sun along the south side’s popular Poipu Beach, Porky’s Kauai offers a satisfying and flavorful refueling option. Porky’s offers both a west side and a south side location, making it easy to add it on to your day’s adventures.

The Menu at Porky’s Kauai

One of the highlights of Porky’s menu is their innovative take on the classic hot dog. Choose between an all-beef frank or a delectably sweet pineapple sausage, both adorned with Porky’s signature Hawaiian-style pulled pork and situated within a toasted cheese bun. Topped with grilled onions, fresh cut pineapple, and a choice of sweet or sweet & spicy sauce, these options for enjoying aloha in a bun are a delightful fusion of local flavors and reminiscent of childhood favorites.

For a creative twist on the childhood favorite grilled cheese, Porky’s adds a generous portion of their mouthwatering pulled pork between layers of provolone and havarti cheese, creating a sandwich that marries comfort food with the bold flavors of island cuisine.

If you’re in the mood for a heartier meal, the rice bowl is a perfect choice. Enjoy a harmonious blend of tender pulled pork and flavorful sauce atop a bed of white rice, providing a satisfying and filling dining experience. Each of their menu options includes a flavorful burst of grilled onions, fresh cut pineapple, and sweet or sweet & spicy sauce.

Experience Kauai’s Local Flavors

Porky’s Kauai offers a culinary adventure that celebrates the essence of Kauai’s local flavors, making it a must-visit spot for those seeking a delicious dining experience with a laid-back atmosphere on the island.

Planning Your Visit to Porky’s Kauai

Porky’s Kauai has two locations. Their west side location is in Waimea at 9899 Waimea Rd. They are open Tuesday to Friday from 11am-4pm and Saturday from 11am-3pm. Their south side location is in Koloa at 5460 Koloa Rd. They are open Monday to Saturday from 12pm-7pm.