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Russell’s by Eat Healthy Kauai

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Those who visit Hawaii are often enticed by lots of sun, time in the water, and an overall healthier lifestyle than people experience on the mainland. When you find yourself on vacation to Kauai, take advantage of the fresh and healthy outlook by enjoying some delicious food. One of the best places for healthy food in Hawaii can be found at Russell’s by Eat Healthy Kauai. Keep reading to find out why Russell’s should be a must-visit for your next vacation on Kauai!

Healthy Living on Kauai

Russell’s is devoted to showing people that a healthy lifestyle can also be delicious! You won’t find boring salads or soggy tofu here. They are devoted to casual, plant-based dining that contains the best locally sourced ingredients they can find. They strive to offer organic, fresh, local plant-based ingredients to create enticing recipes. Even if you aren’t a vegan or vegetarian, they want to make sure to leave satisfied with dishes packed with protein and a variety of flavors that will entice any palate. The owner of Russell’s was inspired by his love of animals to take on a plant-based lifestyle, and he named his restaurant after his beloved dog, Russell.

Amazing Menu of Plant-Based Eating

In their quest to make plant-based eating accessible to even the most devoted meat-eaters, Russell’s has cultivated an extensive menu. Whether you’re choosing to dine here for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’ll find a variety of menus depending on the time of day. They offer over 10 different types of smoothies, from fruity to chocolatey, featuring kale, juice, and vegan protein powder. Their breakfast menu includes pancakes, tofu scrambles, and bagels, including gluten-free options! They also offer a variety of acai bowls and dishes perfect for breakfast or lunch, such as avocado toast. Their lunch menu features delicious dishes like jalapeno cheddar bites, samosas, and pono meatballs featuring “Beyond Meat.” The lunch menu also features a variety of burgers, also plant-based. For dinner, enjoy entrees including vegetable pasta, coconut mac nut tofu, and hamburger curry. Lastly, end your meal with a tasty treat from their dessert menu. They offer cookies, brownies, and a daily cake!

Enjoy a meal that tastes good and makes you feel good. Even if you aren’t plant-based or vegan, you’ll find something delicious on the menu at Russell’s by Eat Healthy Kauai!