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Sushi Bushido

Sushi Bushido is a top restaurant on Kauai’s east coast that is well-loved by residents and visitors alike. This locally owned gem is a culinary treasure that offers an exceptional dining experience you won’t want to miss.

About Sushi Bushido

One of the standout features of Sushi Bushido is its diverse and delectable menu. Whether you’re a sushi aficionado or a newcomer to Japanese cuisine, you’ll find something to tantalize your taste buds. From fresh sashimi and perfectly crafted nigiri to innovative sushi rolls and tantalizing specialty rolls, the menu is a culinary adventure waiting to be explored. The Golden Roll, with its delightful combination of flavors and textures, and the indulgent Butter Me Up are just a taste of the extraordinary offerings that keep patrons coming back for more.

But Sushi Bushido is not just about its exceptional cuisine. It’s also a place where you can gather with friends or family for a memorable evening. Several nights a week, the restaurant hosts live music or karaoke, providing a lively and entertaining atmosphere that’s perfect for winding down after a day of exploring the island.

The restaurant’s connection to Kauai runs deep, as it is locally owned by an owner born and raised on the island. This means you’re not just enjoying great food but also supporting the local community, which adds an extra layer of authenticity to your dining experience.

Sushi Bushido’s interior is a true work of art. The expansive red wall adorned with original artwork by Sarah Wymer sets the stage for a dining experience that’s as visually stunning as it is delicious. The combination of art, music, and the vibrant atmosphere creates a memorable and unique setting for your vacation dining.

Sushi Bushido on Kauai offers a remarkable dining experience that goes beyond exceptional food. With a diverse menu, live entertainment, and a deep connection to the local community, it’s a place where you can savor the flavors of the island while immersing yourself in its culture. Don’t miss the opportunity to dine at Sushi Bushido during your Kauai vacation!

Planning Your Visit to Sushi Bushido

Sushi Bushido is located in Kauai’s east coast town of Kapa’a in the Coconut Marketplace shopping center at 4-484 Kuhio Hwy. They are open daily from 4pm-9pm and are closed on Wednesdays. Still in search of accommodations for your Kauai vacation? Browse the Kauai vacation rentals available through us at Premier Kauai here.