Not all families want to spend their holiday season stuck at home while they get snowed in. Others want to experience a tropical paradise similar to that found at Kauai. If you are looking for a new family tradition look no further than Kauai for your holiday plans. Kauai is warm and tropical all year round making for a different Christmas than what you are used to. The various winter events and activities in the area will make your Christmas in Kauai one you will never forget. Take a look at how your Christmas plans can be spent with us here in Kauai:

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25th Annual Kauai Festival of Lights

When it comes to holiday events that many expect now there is none more popular than holiday light displays. Each year, Kauai puts on the annual Kauai Festival of Lights throughout the month of December. This festive event will have millions of holiday lights brighten up the Historic County Building at the government headquarters on the island. Local designer Elizabeth Freeman puts on this incredible event and creates holiday inspired art work using recycled and reclaimed materials. Holiday light displays will include lit up palm trees, building windows, aluminum holiday displays, and much more. The Festival of Lights runs every day from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day so you can catch the fun for yourself whenever you make it to the island. Every Friday during the event you will also be able to see Santa Claus with his elf helpers joining in for the festivities. This Santa doesn’t arrive in a sleigh but instead rows up in a canoe that Hawaiian way. Don’t miss out on this popular event that has become a local and visitor favorite for the past several years. The Festival of Lights will take place at 4396 Rice St. in Lihue and is free to attend.

Visit Anini Beach

When it comes to Kauai it is known for having some of the most beautiful underwater sceneries in the state. Gorgeous reefs can be found right under the water. While the winter season often brings rougher waters on some beaches it can remain calm for others. Anini Beach is a great place to take a look under the water to see some incredible wildlife swimming around. Anini Beach is protected by its reef allowing for calmer waters making it perfect for snorkeling. If you are looking for all the gear you need to dive underwater look no further than Pedal n Paddle. This shop will make sure you have a great time under the water at Anini Beach.

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Visit Princeville Ranch

There is nothing more magical during the holidays than enjoying a relaxing horseback ride around the beautiful ranch at Princeville. This local ranch offers personal horseback riding lessons to those looking to first learn the art. This is a great gift to a family member who is with you during your stay on Kauai. There are two types of lessons for you to choose from. Arena lessons will have you feeling like you are at a rodeo while the trail riding lesson will take you out on the grassy expanse of the ranch. Regardless of which lesson you pick you will find a great time at Princeville Ranch.

Try Surfing

As mentioned, the waters can be a bit rougher during the winter months. While this may scare off most casual swimmers, it is an open invitation to practicing surfers who are looking for a winter thrill. Surfers will frequent the North shore during the winter and try their hand at gliding up the potential 20-foot waves. This is a great winter activity for experienced surfers; novices are highly encouraged to try out calmer waters found on the south side of the island during the winter. Scotty’s Surf Co is a local shop near our Premier Kauai rentals that can assist you with surfboard rentals to get you out on the water.

Go Kayaking

Snorkeling and surfing are not the only water activities available during the winter months around Christmas. Head down to the south beach where you can enjoy a personal kayaking journey. Local shops in the area provide gear by the hour so you can head out on your own and return whenever you are ready to wind down. As you can see, Kauai offers plenty of outdoor fun for those traveling to the island for Christmas.

Get to Hiking

Head out to Koke’e State Park where you can find a variety of hiking trails to explore. Kauai sees additional precipitation around Christmas so make sure to have a light rain jacket on hand to keep the water off you. Be prepared for beautiful views like no other especially while the trails are empty during the winter.

Your Tropical Christmas in Kauai

There is nothing better than escaping the icy cold back home and relaxing next to a palm tree here on Kauai. All of these festive and winter activities will be available during your stay. Book with us on Kauai today.

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