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Beautiful beaches dot the coastline of the Garden Island, Kauai. Whether you’re looking for long stretches of soft white sand or secluded coves, Kauai beaches have it all. Truly a beach lover’s paradise.

Salt Pond Beach Park

On Kauai's Western shore, Salt Pond Beach Park has a number of protected shallow pools that offer great snorkeling for the little ones. The water is generally quite clear here and the natural fringing reefs help keep the water fairly calm. Tide pools on the East side of the beach are a great place to discover additional Hawaiian marine life. A lifeguard is posted here and you will find restrooms, showers and shade pavilions in the park. Salt Pond's salt beds are a natural wetland and while salt forms naturally here, the salt beds are quite man made. Salt Pond is named for the natural wetlands that Hawaiians use to produce salt used for cooking and medicinal purposes. Salt Pond Beach Park lies adjacent to the only natural salt ponds on Kauai. These Salt ponds are strictly for the use of Native Hawaiians. Salt Pond it is also an excellent beach for small children due to semi protected ocean conditions.
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Ha`ena Beach Park

Haena Beach is a slice of heaven where lush tropical jungle meets white sand beaches and turquoise waters. The popular and very recognizable Mount Makana (Bali Hai) looms mysteriously above Haena Beach and offers a spectacular backdrop for sunsets and photo opportunities. Haena Beach Park offers good swimming and snorkeling during calm conditions. This is a fun beach to explore and do a bit of beach-combing and great shell collecting. During the winter months the surf can be extremely large causing dangerous shore-break and strong currents. You can watch from shore as experienced water-men and women ride these awe inspiring giant waves. Haena Beach Park has a lifeguard station, restrooms showers and camp sites. Camping permit only. One of the popular North Shore attractions the Maniniholo dry cave is across the street from Haena Beach Park.
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Anini Beach County Park

Anini Beach is usually less crowded than Poipu or Hanalei and is really quite breathtaking. The Beach Park has multiple campsites with permits, shade trees, picnic tables, pavilions, restrooms and showers. There is no lifeguard posted at Anini Beach, but is still considered to be one of the safer beaches on Kauai's North Shore. Anini boasts the longest and widest fringing reef in the Hawaiian Islands and because of the unique conditions it usually has well protected waters and some of the most consistent conditions for water activities. Enjoy snorkeling, beach walks, picnicking, paddle boarding and wind surfing. Anini beach is known to have strong currents in the channels and outside the protective reef. Always use caution.
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Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Pier is located at the mouth of the Hanalei River. This section of beach fronts Black Pot Beach Park, a popular camping area for local families. There is a small boat ramp where you can launch kayaks to paddle the Hanalei River. Hanalei Pier is where you will find the calmest spot for children to play in the surf. The Historic Hanalei Pier is a popular landmark that at one time was used as a busy working pier used to load and off load sugar and other goods to and from ships. The pier was originally built of wood before 1892. In 1912 it was lengthened to 340 feet, but the wooden deck proved difficult to maintain in the tropical climate. In 1921 the legislature authorized $25,000 for a concrete deck. Conney and Morris were selected as contractors, and the work was completed by the end of 1922.
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Lydgate Beach Park

Lydgate Beach Park is located on the East side of Kauai adjacent to the Wailua River. The two rock enclosed ponds create a safe haven from the open ocean waves, while still allowing the small reef fish to move into the pond through the crevices. This spot will almost guarantee that you will see a variety of tropical fish. The protected calm waters, posted lifeguard and variety of fish make this the perfect beginner beach for snorkeling. Lydgate State Park is a great family beach for swimming, picnicking and snorkeling in two protected lagoons. Lifeguards, full facilities, picnic areas, Kamalani Play ground and the 2.5 mile paved coastal path makes this a great choice for the whole family.
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Lumahai Beach

Lumahai Beach is a popular and picturesque beach and the subject to many postcard and gallery images. This long stretch of white sand beach was made famous by Hollywood when Mitzi Gaynor spent her time on this beach washing that man right out of her hair, in the movie South Pacific. Lumahai is the subject of many postcards and paintings, but is also known on island as one of the most dangerous beaches for drownings and is not recommended for swimming. During the summer months the conditions at Luimahai are calmer, but still use caution. Lumahai is exposed to open ocean and strong currents. Do not underestimate the power of the waves, currents and backwash. Enjoy you walk on the beach and your many opportunities for great photos. Great photo opportunities of Lumahai Bay can be had at the scenic lookout from the main road above the beach.
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Ke`e Beach State Park

Ke'e Beach (pronounced Keh-AY) is located at the end of the road. and the farthest you can drive on the north shore. Ke'e is protected by a reef that makes it a safe place for snorkeling and swimming. Ke'e Beach is also the beginning of the Napali Coast and the Kalalau trail that leads to Hanakapiai and Kalalau Beach. This special spot is beautiful at sunset. During the summer months the water can be as calm and clear as a swimming pool. During winter months dangerous conditions include high surf and strong currents. The facilities at the beach include restrooms and showers. There is no cell reception, but there is a payphone. The parking at this beach is limited and it is advisable to park in the dirt parking lot about a quarter mile from the end of the road. This is the overflow from the parking at the roads end. By 9 am the parking lot at Ke'e is usually full with hikers setting out on the Kalalau trail.
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Polihale State Beach Park

Polihale Beach is by far the longest stretch of beach in the state of Hawaii. Polihale Beach and State Park is located at the end of Highway 50 and is accessed down a unpaved old cane haul road. The seventeen mile stretch of white sand beach and sand dunes offer endless beach-combing and shelling fun. Polihale Beach sits at the end of NA PaliCoast and the edge of the Mana Plains. This is a spectacular stretch of wilderness, with 100 foot sand dunes, desert cactus and remarkable sunsets over the Forbidden Island of Niihau. This is the last beach on the west side marks the beginning of the Napali Coast. Polihale Beach is hot and shade is far from the waters edge, so don't forget an umbrella and lots of water if you plan on spending any time here. Polihale Beach has some facilities and camping is by permit only. Strong currents and no lifeguard make it is a notoriously dangerous beach for swimming. This is a great beach for shelling, long beach walks and spectacular sunsets.
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Hanakapi`ai Beach

Hanakapiai Beach is nestled in the Napali Coast and accessible mainly via the Kalalau Trail. It`s is approximately 2 miles from the start of the Kalalau Trail, however beware it`s not for novice hikers. At the beach you can take another trail to Hanakapiai Falls, a fantastic waterfall or continue on along the famous Kalalau. This is not a good swimming beach.
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Po`ipu Beach

Poipu Beach is actually two beaches in one. A tombola (known as Nukumoi Point) separates the two bays. A tombola is a narrow sand spit that extends from shore to an island. The tombola at Poipu Beach is the favorite spot for the napping , endangered Hawaiian monk seals. The area on the western side of the beach, is a favorite for beginning body boarders. Small waves break gently on the shallow sandbar and create a fun area for children to play. On the left of the sandbar is a lava rock protected and shallow area for swimming. This is usually the play area for families with small children. Poipu Beach Park has been voted the #1 beach in America. During the weekends this is a favorite spot for birthday parties, picnics, lawn games and family activities. The outdoor playground was built by donations from the community. You can find parking , snorkel rental and surfboard rentals near by.
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