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Lanikai Property Management

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Raise your Lanikai beach rental’s revenue and level of care when you partner with our Lanikai property management team in East Kauai. Whether you already own a Lanikai beach rental and want to take it to the next level or are in search of the perfect property to turn into an investment, our experienced team will come alongside you to find success in the endeavor. Enjoy all the benefits of owning a vacation property without all the hassles when you work in confidence with our experienced Lanikai property management team at Premier Kauai!

Optimized Direct Bookings

Our team focuses on increasing direct bookings, eliminating the additional fees that come with relying on a middleman. With more bookings for your property being secured directly on our site, you will enjoy a larger profit margin. Direct bookings also allow us to interact directly with each guest, ensuring we can provide personalized care and the ultimate treatment of aloha.

Hands-On Revenue Management

Our Lanikai property management team understands that steady revenue is a highly important part of being able to find success in owning a vacation property for the long term. Our team is hands-on when it comes to managing your revenue, making sure your property gets seen in a variety of online searches. We also use the latest pricing technology to keep your rates continuously competitive. What this equates to for property owners is a peace of mind that you are always getting the best possible revenue with the very real evidence of more money in your pocket.

Personalized Property Care

We work with a team of housekeepers and maintenance staff that will keep your Lanikai property looking its best. Our team focuses on both the short-term and long-term views of property care, keeping things spotless for each guest while also focusing on longevity so that your property will continue to serve as an investment for the long haul.

No Nickel and Diming

Your Lanikai property requires regular maintenance and upkeep, but there is no need to stress over every detail. We offer a general maintenance package so you can rest assured that your home is being well cared for without a steady stream of additional unforeseen costs. Our team will always work closely with homeowners in the event that larger repairs or projects need to be completed by a third-party vendor.

Cutting Edge Marketing

Our team actively markets each property, making sure it is front and center when it comes to vacationers looking to enjoy a vacation on Kauai. We present your Lanikai property at its finest, giving it prominence on often browsed sites such as Airbnb, VRBO, and Booking.com. We work with the numbers, knowing that maximum exposure also leads to regular bookings, giving owners a dependable stream of revenue.

24/7 Maintenance Support

Guests and property owners alike can rest assured when they stay in one of our Lanikai properties. Our team offers maintenance support no matter the time or day, so any issues that arise can be handled promptly. We are also proactive in taking care of any maintenance concerns, keeping the guest experience at its best and ensuring your property’s longevity.

Guest Screening

Our team accepts bookings for your property with its care in mind. We utilize a guest screening process that ensures the number of guests is right for your property’s size and that guests fully understand the property rules. Our guests are warmly greeted upon their arrival, adding another contact point and level of security.

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Your Lanikai property will be in pristine condition when guests arrive, thanks to our attentive housekeeping and maintenance team. Cleanliness is a priority for guests, and we ensure this is always a point of strength in our properties.

Guest Services

A basic welcome package and friendly staff make guests feel welcomed at Lanikai. Our team is available throughout the guest experience to ensure their stay is going smoothly.

Custom Design Services

If you are interested in providing a fresh look for your Lanikai property, our custom design services will more than deliver.

Trusted Homeowner Partnerships

Our Lanikai property management team prides themselves on being completely transparent throughout the management process so that homeowners are never blindsided.

Transparent Owner Portal

Entrusting your Lanikai property into the care of our team doesn’t mean you will be out of the loop. The booking calendar, owner statements, and maintenance history can all be easily accessed through our convenient owner portal.

Unlimited Owner Use

Continue personal enjoyment of your Lanikai property by blocking out as many dates as you would like from the owner portal.

VIP Guest Care

A welcome package and friendly concierge services make every guest feel like a VIP at Lanikai. These friendly interactions earn great reviews and repeat visitors to your property!

Automated Touchpoints

The VIP service continues throughout the guest experience with automated touchpoints such as a warm welcome and friendly note upon departure. Our Lanikai property management team ensures a top-notch experience from start to finish!

Select our Lanikai property management services at Premier Kauai for your Lanikai property management needs!