Whether you’re traveling to Kauai for the very first time or you’re returning after a successful visit, time enjoyed on the Garden Isle is always a treat. Home to stunning scenery, amazing weather, and rich culture to explore, there’s no shortage of inspiring experiences waiting to be discovered here. No matter what your travel interests might entail, having helpful insight into your travel destination can only make your stay that much more meaningful. The next time you’re traveling to Kauai, the following are what you need to know. 

Kauai is an Island of Many Landscapes 

The island of Kauai is an undeniably beautiful place on the map for travelers to explore but part of that beauty lies in the many options to customize your stay according to the landscapes you want to explore. Here, it’s not exclusively sandy beaches you’ll behold, but lush terrain that hosts ranches and sugarcane fields as well as rainforests, desert plateaus, and valleys. The cliffsides that adorn the Na Pali coast are breathtaking and sure to inspire your imagination. In the event you do want to spend your time exclusively on the sand, Kauai has over 110 miles of shoreline to discover. That means there’s a picture-perfect beach for just about everyone out of the more than 70 that typically appeal to travelers. Poipu Beach is a particularly scenic stretch of sand in the south while Tunnels Beach beckons to those who are spending more time on the north end of the island.

It’s an Island of Tantalizing Trails

Admiring Kauai from a distance is delightful but when you really want to get in and explore, you’ll find this vacation destination is one that’s packed with tropical trails. Many visitors are surprised to learn that roads really only cover about 10% of the terrain here, so lacing up your hiking boots and heading out on foot offers up more options for seeing the sights. Perhaps the most iconic route on the island is the Kalalau Trail that runs along the gorgeous Na Pali coast. There are also popular trails to check out within Kokee State Park. In total, the island is home to no less than eight state parks that are ideal for hikers and outdoor adventurers who are looking for more.

What to Expect in Terms of Rainfall

While weather patterns across Kauai are relatively balanced throughout the calendar year, there are fluctuations to consider that can help you plan a trip that’s fit to your travel style. It’s important to remember when you head this way that Kauai is a lush, tropical destination. That’s the result of rainfall and there are certain places and times of year that are more affected than others. If you’re looking to avoid as much rain as possible, Waimea is often considered one of the driest areas. The South Shore’s Poipu is yet another dry and sunny vacation location to consider when heading this way. In total, you can expect just about 30 to 40 inches of rainfall in this region each year. The Coconut Coast’s Kapaa enjoys around 50 inches of rain annually while the North Shore including Princeville, Hanalei, and Kilauea receives around 85 inches of rain each year. By far, Waialeale is the wettest destination on Kauai’s map raking up around 450 inches of rain annually. Much of this rainfall spills into rivers creating a particularly lush space to enjoy.

Temperature Considerations

Kauai hosts an elevation range that spans sea level to over 5,000 feet at Kawaikini. Unlike some of the summits you can reach on the Big Island or Maui, the highest you’ll be able to go here by vehicle is around 4,000 feet. That means when it comes to packing layers, a light jacket or sweater is often enough to stay comfortable no matter where you roam. Temperature fluctuations are inviting and mild in most cases. While the South Shore can see average temperatures in the 80s, Kokee State Park lingers around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  The semi-tropical climate across Kauai encompasses many micro-climates so if you’re planning on traveling around a lot, expect to see those changes. It’s not uncommon for your day on the island to include sunshine and rain within a very short amount of time.

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