If you are ready for good vibes here on Kauai, you cannot go wrong with reserving one of our newest rental properties, Islander on the Beach 327. This unique Kauai vacation rental delivers the “surf’s up” vibe that always leads to a good time on the island. Islander on the Beach 327 is newly decorated and features just enough space to keep you and a guest comfortable during your stay. Take a look at what Islander on the Beach 327 can provide you during your next Kauai adventure getaway:

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Condo Living

Kauai is an incredible destination for a romantic getaway or a friends’ outing. The island is known for beautiful beaches and plenty of exciting attractions. Islander on the Beach 327 keeps you literally just steps away from the beach and features more than your fair share of amenities. This rental property is a studio home that offers more space than a regular hotel room.

Beachside Relaxation

Guests will arrive at Islander on the Beach 327 and feel the charm of the condominium complex right away. Islander on the Beach features many condo units, including 327 that are known to provide guests with a relaxing time. The open parking lot lets you easily park your vehicles during your stay instead of having to fight for street parking. Islander on the Beach 327 is located on the third floor that can easily be accessed by a quick flight of stairs. The higher the elevation, the better the views!

Cozy Interior

Islander on the Beach 327 is the perfect vacation rental for those who appreciate the finer amenities offered in condos but do not need huge amounts of space. If you plan on spending most of your time exploring Kauai, this vacation rental is perfect for you. Guests will enter Islander on the Beach 327 and find themselves in the studio-like condo that features aquatic décor. You will find yourself in a cozy living area that comes with a plush sofa that is absolutely comfortable to kick back on. As with most studios, you will not have a separate bedroom but instead a connected home. Islander on the Beach 327 features a plush king size bed that offers plenty of space for you full night of sleep. The sofa and bed are situated right in front of the 50” flat screen TV, where you can watch your favorite shows or movies. The free high-speed Wi-Fi lets you connect to your favorite streaming apps to keep binging your favorite shows. The spacious dresser has plenty of room for you to unpack your clothes so nothing gets wrinkled in your luggage. Hang up any shirts in the wardrobe.

Islander on the Beach 327 also features a kitchenette where you can find all of the necessities for your stay. Keep any leftovers from local restaurants in the mini fridge that can be reheated in the microwave. The toaster oven and Keurig can let you prepare your early morning bagels and coffee on the fly. You will find cups and essential utensils in the cupboards along with a sink to clean anything used. The kitchenette takes up little space so the rest of Islander on the Beach 327 can be used for relaxing and comfort. We highly recommend having your morning cup of coffee from the private balcony that offers oceanfront views!

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Full-Size Bathroom

Islander on the Beach 327 is a big step above local hotels that feature tiny bathrooms. Instead, this property has a spacious bathroom with plenty of countertop space. A shower and tub combo will help you rinse off another exciting day of exploring Kauai. Bath towels, beach towels, and essential toiletries are all provided for you!

Islander on the Beach Amenities

When you book a stay at Islander on the Beach 327 you will also have access to the community amenities. The property features a boutique pool, BBQ grills, spa, and even a tiki bar. Islander on the Beach has six acres of incredible Hawaiian scenery and landscape. Head over to the local beaches that are all within walking distance. Islander on the Beach 327 is just off the Royal Coconut Coast where you can also find plenty of locally-owned restaurants and shops along with a great farmers’ market. Don’t forget the beach chairs and cooler provided by Islander on the Beach 327 whenever you decide to hit up the beach! For your morning walks head over to Ke-Ala-Hele-Makalae which is an award-winning walking path with great ocean views and bike access. Now that is all kinds of amenities and features within walking distance from Islander on the Beach 327!

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