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Getting Around on Kauai

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Much of the island of Kauai is comprised of undeveloped land, resulting in striking mountain and coastal landscapes. This remote island is home to small-town island charm and an abundance of outdoor adventure opportunities. At the same time, you’ll also find all the amenities desired for a relaxing island vacation. Kauai offers some public transportation and ride sharing options, but with its lack of big city vibe, most travelers find that renting a car provides the most flexibility and freedom for exploring the island. However, there are several options for getting around on Kauai!

Riding the Bus

The Kauai Bus is an inexpensive way to get around on Kauai, with most fares costing just $2 per trip, and daily passes available for $5. The Kauai Bus provides service from the west side town of Kekaha to the north shore town of Hanalei, stopping at numerous points in between. The bus offers pickup times approximately once per hour, so a flexible schedule and a willingness to wait is imperative for those who opt to use the bus system. The Kauai Bus does not offer stops at many of the top tourist spots, such as Koke’e State Park or Ha’ena. However, for travelers who don’t mind some inconvenience and are in search of a budget-friendly way to get around Kauai, riding the bus can be a great option!

Taking a Taxi or Using a Ride-Sharing App

Taxis and ridesharing options such as Uber and Lyft are available on Kauai, and with some advance planning, these can be a viable transportation option. Taxis cannot simply be hailed along the road or at a taxi stand, so you’ll have to call ahead to schedule a pick-up. Kauai Taxi Company is the premier taxi service on the island.

Renting a Car

Securing a rental car is by far the most convenient but also the most expensive option for transportation on the island. Car rental companies are located conveniently near the airport in Lihue. With your own set of wheels, the entire island can be explored at your leisure. In addition to the big-name car rental companies, you’ll also find car rental services such as Turo available on Kauai. Rental cars can often be completely booked up, so it’s important to reserve in advance if this will be your chosen method of transportation.

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